Cambium Networks - 01010411010 - PTP800 ODU-A

Cambium Networks - 01010411010 - PTP800 ODU-A Lower 6GHz, TR252, Hi, B2 (6250.0-6350.0 MHz), Rectangular WG, Neg Pol.

  • Category: Wireless Back Haul Radios
  • SKU: PTP800 ODU-A




Licensing     Licensed
Manufacturer     Cambium Networks
Maximum Data Rate     368 Mbps
Product Condition     New
RF Band     6GHz

The Cambium-Networks PTP 800 solutions are designed to satisfy the demand for reliable, high-throughput, and secure Internet Protocol (IP-based) licensed-microwave communications at an affordable price. 

The PTP 800 series includes two equipment architectures: split-mount and all-indoor. The solutions are designed to provide connectivity and backhaul for a broad array of applications, while giving users the flexibility to choose the architecture that best meets tower and facility considerations. 

The PTP 800 solutions offer the highest transmit power and system gain in their category, enabling the radios to transmit reliably over distances up to 50 miles (80 km) in a single hop.