About Us

Carrier Services

For over 10 years, Virtual Enterprise Group LLC. has partnered to become the outsourced Carrier Services department for Telecommunication companies throughout Miami, Florida and beyond. We’re more than just a support company, we align your technology needs with your business goals and develop a robust Service Provider plans and strategy so you can focus on running and growing your business.

We manage Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks, Carrier Grade Wireless WANs, Cellphone Providers Infrastructure, Phone Systems, Data Service Providers  and more for businesses throughout USA and the Caribbean – saving time and money, and relieving stress. 

Equipment Sales

The telecommunications industry is a rapidly changing landscape. There are new services, new technologies, and decisions to be made based on a different set of facts around every corner. Just when you think you have found your way to the perfect telecom solution for your company, there is a new option to consider. The ever-changing world of telecommunications has created a great need for telecom sales and consulting alike.
Our mission is to assist our clients in making informed decisions for each equipment purchase as well as design and implementation best practices based on international standards.

Why People Choose Virtual Enterprise

We are proactive and committed to consistent up time. Here’s just some of the reasons businesses choose Virtual Enterprise  for their outsourced telecom solutions: 

  • Proactive Management : Spotting problems before they become fires
  • Over 10 years of experience working with service providers
  • Trusted by businesses throughout USA and the Caribbean
  • Dedicated team passionate about solving problems
  • Reliable so you can focus on growth

About Us